When is it time to do my Grief Work?

Each person is unique and individual in how they grieve. It’s best to get help immediately and to not put it off which might seem convenient. Waiting to do grief work is potentially dangerous. Unresolved  grief has a life long negative impact often affecting your health and ability to be happy and enjoy your life in the present.

How does Grief Recovery differ from therapy?

Therapy  require that some other clinical diagnosis of mental health status be given in order to treat. Grief Recovery is primarily an educational or re educational experience based on the fact that most of us were not taught effective tools to deal with group. Therapy is usually enhanced by the experience of the workshop. In fact, many therapist refer clients to the workshop.

How do I know I’m still grieving?

Grievers are usually out of the moment, and have a hard time focusing on their present life. They usually live on auto pilot often replaying conversations or undelivered communications or scenarios in their head. Grievers are also drained of energy. The lack of energy is because unresolved with grief can be emotionally draining. Grievers will also isolate and not share their feelings with others afraid of being judged. The Grief Recovery Workshop is aimed at discovering and completing the unfinished emotional business.

What is the difference between Support groups and grief recovery?

Support groups provide an environment for people to verbalize the thoughts and feelings they experience following a loss. It is great to have a safe supportive group to talk freely to. Grief Recovery is a structured step by step workshop that ends in the completion to the pain from the loss.

What to expect in a grief recovery workshop?

First of all the Grief Recovery Workshop is a powerful and dynamic experience and one f the most productive workshop being offered anywhere on peoples reaction to loss. The first half of the workshop include sessions dealing with the concepts of Grief and a lot of self discovery. The second half of the workshop is experiential and examines your unfinished grief and learning tools to become complete.

Why should I get Grief Coaching by Video Chat

Re-think traditional therapy for your grief and get the support you need during the most painful times of your life in your own space and on your own time. And since it’s virtual coaching, our doors are open at non traditional business hours. Video Chat Coaching was developed out the high demand I saw for support before and after a loss. Any one whose experienced any of the over 40+ losses will benefit.

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